Legal Building Expertise


You have problems in your building. Are you unable to determine the cause?

Have you discovered a defect and don't know if it's a hidden defect?

Do you need a forensic technical expert?

Our legal expertise services (litigation) affect the entire building and its environment. The inspection can determine the defects causing mold and the installation defects of the various materials of the envelope as well as the structure.

Our technologist specializes in litigation and complaints. This allows you to be technically assisted in a claim or defense in court.

Our expert has often been recognized before various legal authorities (Court of Quebec, small claims, Régie du logement, etc.) and during arbitrations.

The Legal expertise is adapted to your needs.
Our building expertise services include:

• Building inspection (residential, commercial);

• The evaluation of correction costs;

• Drafting of a technical-legal report;

• Appearance as an expert witness. 

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