Pre Acquisition Inspection

Residential , condominium or multi-unit :

The goal of a visual building inspection , is to give the client the necessary information in order to have a better knowledge of the state of the building , as seen at the time of the inspection.

A building inspection consists of an attentive visual examination of the physical state of the systems and components installed that are easily accessible , and to supply a report.

The fact that the inspection is not technically exhaustive , the inspector recommends a more intensive inspection by a specialist when a sufficiently high level of conditions permit him to conclude a deficiency or a potentially important defect of a system or a component is present.

Once an appointment has been agreed to with you , we send you an email that confirms the place , date and time of the appointment.

In this email , we strongly suggest consulting the Standards of Practice which constitute the minimal requirements for the execution of any building inspection.

You must also read the Inspection Agreement so as to better understand the limitations of a visual inspection.