Here are the key elements scrutinized by the inspector :

Once you have arrived at the inspection site , the inspector will revise with you the inspection agreement and will ask you to accompany him through all the steps of the inspection. During these steps , the inspector will note all the visible conditions , whether minor or major , accompanied with explanations and/or recommendations in an easily understandable language.

The exterior

House coverings - flashings - doors and windows - garage doors, decks, balconies, porches, stairs and railings – the vegetation, soil slope, water drainage, entrance walkways, and the supportive (retaining) walls.

The roof

The roof coverings – the water drainage system of the roof (gutters) - flashings – the chimneys and skylights – signs of water infiltrations (leakage) or abnormal condensation.


The walls, floors and ceilings - the columns - the foundations - the steps, stairways, balconies and railings - cabinets and countertops - windows and doors, including hardware.



The internal system of water distribution - the internal system of water evacuation (drainage) - the hot water system - the storage system and the distribution of combustibles (gas, oil, etc..) - The evacuation system of the sump and its components.

Insulation and ventilation

Unfinished attic insulation, and foundations - the ventilation of the attic, the crawl space and basement - the apparatus of the ventilation system - exhaust fans kitchen, rooms bath and laundry room.

The heating and cooling systems

Heaters-normal controls - the number of heat sources installed permanently (at least one in each room).



The service entrance of the cables - the connecting hardware, equipment grounding, the protective device generally for the main panel and distribution panels - the intensity and the nominal voltage distribution - the functioning of a representative number of lighting fixtures, switches and sockets - polarity and grounding of all outlets located within 6 feet of plumbing fixtures - the operation of the protected switches by a GFCI.


At the end of the inspection a brief resume will be given regarding the observed conditions throughout the inspection and THE INSPECTION COMPLETION CERTIFICATE will be filled up with you.
Your report will follow in the following days by email in PDF format. (If you desire a printed copy , additional charges will be requested)